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Tue Dec 11 11:38:27 CET 2018

Author: msdemlei
Date: Tue Dec 11 11:38:25 2018
New Revision: 5261

vocabularies: moving material from voresource/terms.

      - copied from r5260, trunk/projects/semantics/genericvoc/
      - copied, changed from r5260, trunk/projects/registry/VOResource/terms/convert.py
      - copied unchanged from r5260, trunk/projects/registry/VOResource/terms/content_level.terms
      - copied unchanged from r5260, trunk/projects/registry/VOResource/terms/content_type.terms
      - copied unchanged from r5260, trunk/projects/registry/VOResource/terms/date_role.terms
      - copied unchanged from r5260, trunk/projects/registry/VOResource/terms/relationship_type.terms

Modified: trunk/projects/semantics/vocabularies/README
--- trunk/projects/semantics/genericvoc/README	Mon Dec 10 21:39:42 2018	(r5260)
+++ trunk/projects/semantics/vocabularies/README	Tue Dec 11 11:38:25 2018	(r5261)
@@ -1,10 +1,26 @@
-This directory contains "generic" vocabulary not (or no longer)
+This directory contains "generic" vocabularies not (or no longer)
 associated to a single standard, as well as the recommended
 infrastructure to build and maintain vocabularies (you *can*
 use other RDF tools as well, of course).
-Defining vocabularies
+Repository Organisation
+In this repository, each vocabulary is in a subdirectory of its own; the
+directory structure copies what is eventually on ivoa.net; vocabulary
+names with several segments ("datalink/core", "voresource/relationship")
+are supported but discouraged.
+In each subdirectory, a file terms.csv contains the actual terms.
+Per-vocabulary metadata is given in a single file in the root of the
+repository called vocabs.conf.  This, in particular, controls the
+versioning of the vocabularies.  See below for a discussion of its
+Defining Vocabularies
 By default, our vocabularies are kept in CSV files.  The CSV separator
@@ -46,9 +62,13 @@
 Non-ASCII characters are allowed in label and description; files must be
 in UTF-8.
+It is recommended to have, in addition to the terms.csv, a README in
+each vocabulary directory; this can contain internal notes, todo items,
+backwards compatibility considerations, and the like.
-Building Web Resources
+Defining Vocabulary Metadata
 Vocabularies maintained in our CSV format are converted to standard RDF
 formats and directory structures deployable on apache web servers
@@ -57,27 +77,24 @@
 vocabs.conf, which in turn is a simple INI-style file containing one
 section per vocabulary.  Here is an example section::
-  [content_level]
-  baseuri: http://www.ivoa.net/rdf/voresource/content_level
-  timestamp: 2016-08-17
-  title: Content levels for VO resources
-  description: This vocabulary enumerates the intended audiences
-	  for resources in the Virtual Observatory.  It is designed to
-	  enable discovery queries like "only research-level data" or
-	  "resources usable in school settings".
-  authors: Ray Plante; Markus Demleitner
+  [reference_positions]
+  timestamp: 2019-03-15
+  title: Interoperable VO reference positions 
+  description: This vocabulary enumerates reference positions for
+    which positions and times in the Virtual Observatory can be given.
+    It is intended that clients, on encountering such a declaration, can
+    transform coordinates automatically on behalf of the user, or,
+    failing that because of missing data or implementation limitations,
+    at least adjust the systematic error of the associated values.
+  authors: Rots, A.; Demleitner, M.; Cresitello-Dittmar, M.
+The section header gives the name of the directory from which to read
+the terms.csv.  It can contain multiple path segments if absolutely
+necessary.  Each segments should only contain lowercase letters and
+underscore characters.
-The section header is largely arbitrary, but it should be identical to
-the vocabulary name, which in turn is the last element of the baseuri.
 The configuration items have the following meanings:
-  The vocabulary URI.  These should always be of the form
-  ``http://www.ivoa.net/rdf/<vocabname>`` – please do *not* follow the
-  example in introducing another level for, e.g., the related standard.
-  Vocabularies are very typically applicable in multiple standards and
-  should not be bound to one, not even by URI.  Please only use
-  lowercase characters and underscores in your vocabulary names.
   A manually maintained date of the last modification.  This is
   essentially a version marker and should be changed only in preparation

Copied and modified: trunk/projects/semantics/vocabularies/convert.py (from r5260, trunk/projects/registry/VOResource/terms/convert.py)
--- trunk/projects/registry/VOResource/terms/convert.py	Mon Dec 10 21:39:42 2018	(r5260, copy source)
+++ trunk/projects/semantics/vocabularies/convert.py	Tue Dec 11 11:38:25 2018	(r5261)
@@ -575,7 +575,7 @@
 		" hierarchy.  This is for test installations.",
-		default="http://www.ivoa.net/std/rdf/",
+		default="http://www.ivoa.net/rdf/",
 	args = parser.parse_args()
@@ -587,11 +587,6 @@
 def main():
 	args = parse_command_line()
-	if args.install_root!="http://www.ivoa.net/std/rdf/":
-		# to make this work again, you'd need to infer the local part of
-		# the URI from the baseuri above.
-		raise ReportableError("Non-official install_roots not currently"
-			" supported, sorry.")
 	meta = read_meta(args.vocab_config)
 	for vocab_def in meta:

Added: trunk/projects/semantics/vocabularies/voresource/README
--- /dev/null	00:00:00 1970	(empty, because file is newly added)
+++ trunk/projects/semantics/vocabularies/voresource/README	Tue Dec 11 11:38:25 2018	(r5261)
@@ -0,0 +1,9 @@
+The content_level, content_type, date_role, and relationship_type terms
+were historically created within VOResource; to maintain vocabulary
+URIs, we keep them in a subdirectory.  This is *not* a recommendable
+practice, as other users of these terms now have the odd "voresource"
+in the vocabulary URIs.
+This material has originally been maintained at

Copied: trunk/projects/semantics/vocabularies/voresource/content_level/terms.csv (from r5260, trunk/projects/registry/VOResource/terms/content_level.terms)
--- /dev/null	00:00:00 1970	(empty, because file is newly added)
+++ trunk/projects/semantics/vocabularies/voresource/content_level/terms.csv	Tue Dec 11 11:38:25 2018	(r5261, copy of r5260, trunk/projects/registry/VOResource/terms/content_level.terms)
@@ -0,0 +1,3 @@
+Research;1;Research;Resource provides information appropriate for supporting scientific research.
+Amateur;1;Amateur;Resource provides information of interest to amateur astronomers.
+General;1;General;Resource provides information appropriate for use in outreach to and education of the general public

Copied: trunk/projects/semantics/vocabularies/voresource/content_type/terms.csv (from r5260, trunk/projects/registry/VOResource/terms/content_type.terms)
--- /dev/null	00:00:00 1970	(empty, because file is newly added)
+++ trunk/projects/semantics/vocabularies/voresource/content_type/terms.csv	Tue Dec 11 11:38:25 2018	(r5261, copy of r5260, trunk/projects/registry/VOResource/terms/content_type.terms)
@@ -0,0 +1,22 @@
+Other;1;Other;"resource that does not fall into any of the category names currently defined."
+Archive;1;Archive;"Collection of pointed observations"
+Bibliography;1;Bibliography;"Collection of bibliographic reference, abstracts, and publications"
+Catalog;1;Catalog;"Collection of derived data, primarily in tabular form"
+Journal;1;Journal;"Collection of scholarly publications under common editorial policy"
+Library;1;Library;"Collection of published materials (journals, books, etc.)"
+Simulation;1;Simulation;"Theoretical simulation or model"
+Survey;1;Survey;"Collection of observations covering substantial and contiguous areas of the sky"
+Transformation;1;Transformation;"A service that transforms data"
+Education;1;Education;"Collection of materials appropriate for educational use, such as teaching resources, curricula, etc."
+Outreach;1;Outreach;"Collection of materials appropriate for public outreach, such as press releases and photo galleries"
+EPOResource;1;EPOResource;"Collection of materials that may be suitable for EPO products but which are not in final product form, as in Type Outreach or Type Education.  EPOResource would apply, e.g., to archives with easily accessed preview images or to surveys with easy-to-use images."
+Animation;1;Animation;"Animation clips of astronomical phenomena"
+Artwork;1;Artwork;"Artists' renderings of astronomical phenomena or objects"
+Background;1;Background;"Background information on astronomical phenomena or objects"
+BasicData;1;BasicData;"Compilations of basic astronomical facts about objects, such as approximate distance or membership in constellation."
+Historical;1;Historical;"Historical information about astronomical objects"
+Photographic;1;Photographic;"Publication-quality photographs of astronomical objects"
+Press;1;Press;"Press releases about astronomical objects"
+Organisation;1;Organisation;"An organization that is a publisher or curator of other resources."
+Project;1;Project;"A project that is a publisher or curator of other resources"
+Registry;1;Registry;"a query service for which response is a structured description of resources."

Copied: trunk/projects/semantics/vocabularies/voresource/date_role/terms.csv (from r5260, trunk/projects/registry/VOResource/terms/date_role.terms)
--- /dev/null	00:00:00 1970	(empty, because file is newly added)
+++ trunk/projects/semantics/vocabularies/voresource/date_role/terms.csv	Tue Dec 11 11:38:25 2018	(r5261, copy of r5260, trunk/projects/registry/VOResource/terms/date_role.terms)
@@ -0,0 +1,12 @@
+Accepted;1;Accepted;"The date that the publisher accepted the  resource into their system"
+Available;1;Available;"The date the resource is made publicly  available."
+Copyrighted;1;Copyrighted;"The specific, documented date at which the  resource receives a copyrighted status; if  applicable."
+Collected;1;Collected;"A (representative) date at which the resource  content was collected."
+representative;1;Representative;"A rough indication of the resource's time coverage (deprecated in favour of Collected)";Collected
+Created;1;Created;"The date the resource itself was put together"
+creation;1;Creation;The date that the resource was created (deprecated in favour of Created);Created
+Issued;1;Issued;"The date that the resource is published or  distributed e.g. to a data center"
+Submitted;1;Submitted;"The date the creator submits the resource to the publisher. This could be different from Accepted if the publisher then applies a  selection process."
+Updated;1;Updated;"The date of the last update to the resource;  when the resource is being added to."
+update;1;Update;A date on which the resource was updated (deprecated in favour of Updated);Updated
+Valid;1;Valid;A date of validitiy.  This is probably not useful in the VOResource context.

Copied: trunk/projects/semantics/vocabularies/voresource/relationship_type/terms.csv (from r5260, trunk/projects/registry/VOResource/terms/relationship_type.terms)
--- /dev/null	00:00:00 1970	(empty, because file is newly added)
+++ trunk/projects/semantics/vocabularies/voresource/relationship_type/terms.csv	Tue Dec 11 11:38:25 2018	(r5261, copy of r5260, trunk/projects/registry/VOResource/terms/relationship_type.terms)
@@ -0,0 +1,19 @@
+mirror-of;1;is a mirror of;This resource is a mirror (reasonably faithful reproduction) of the referenced resource. This is a VOResource 1.0 term deprecated in favour of IsIdenticalTo.;IsIdenticalTo
+service-for;1;is a service for;This resource makes data from the referenced resource (typcally some sort for data collection) available. This is a VOResource 1.0 term deprecated in favour of IsServiceFor.;IsServiceFor
+served-by;1;is served by;This resource can be accessed or otherwise used through the referenced service.  This is a VOResource 1.0 term deprecated in favour of IsServedBy.;IsServedBy
+derived-from;1;is derived from;This resource was produced using data from the referenced resource.  This is a VOResource 1.0 term deprecated in favour of IsDerivedFrom.;IsDerivedFrom
+related-to;1;is related to;This resource has some unspecified relationship to the referenced resource.  This is a VOResource 1.0 term that should no longer be used in new resource records.  Use specific terms instead.
+Cites;1;cites;This resource makes use of the referenced resource.  This is in particular to reference tools like programs from educational material like tutorials.  It is not intended to track citations in a bibliographic sense.
+IsSupplementTo;1;is supplement to;This resource augments the referenced resource (inverse  of IsSupplementedBy)
+IsSupplementedBy;1;is supplemented by;Additional material pertaining to this resource  is available at the referenced resource (inverse of IsSupplementedTo)
+IsContinuedBy;1;is continued by;This resource has been or will be discontinued, and clients should turn to the referenced resource (inverse of Continues)
+Continues;1;continues;This resource has taken up the service of the referenced resource (inverse of IsContinuedBy)
+IsNewVersionOf;1;is new version of;The referenced resource has been developed on, and this resource should be used in preference (inverse of IsPreviousVersionOf)
+IsPreviousVersionOf;1;is previous version of;This resource has been developed on, and the referenced resource should be used for more up-to-date information (inverse of NewVersionOf)
+IsPartOf;1;is part of;The referenced resource is a collection of some sort, perhaps a series, and this resource is a part of that collection (inverse of HasPart)
+HasPart;1;has part;This is resource is a collection of other resources, and this relationship points to the individual parts (inverse of IsPartOf)
+IsSourceOf;1;is source of;This is resource has been used to produce the referenced resource (inverse of derived-from)
+IsDerivedFrom;1;is derived from;This resource was produced using data from the referenced resource (inverse of IsSourceOf)
+IsIdenticalTo;1;is a identical to;This resource is identical to the referenced resource, for use when there is a need to register two separate instances of the same resource.  In a VO context, this will typcially indicate mirrors operated by different publishers (mirrors with identical publishers use interface/mirrorURL elements).
+IsServiceFor;1;is a service for;This resource makes data from the referenced resource (typcally some sort for data collection) available (inverse of IsServedBy)
+IsServedBy;1;is served by;This resource can be accessed or otherwise used through the referenced service (inverse of IsServiceFor)

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