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@@ -1,7 +1,44 @@
 \subsection{Laurent's approach}
-Laurent's serialization approach at a glance
+The VO-DML workflow is 2 folds 1) The model serialization in a vo-dml.xml file (REC process currently close to the end) 2) the data mapping. 
+This last step consists in an XML bloc on the top of the VOTAble acting as a bridge between the model and the data. 
+So that, a client can easily build model instances by exploring that mapping bloc. 
+The VO-DML concepts are accepted by the community but the mapping syntax may appear as too complex making both data annotation process and VOTable parsing difficult.   
+\item VO-DML workflow ++
+\item Powerfull model serialization
+\item Mapping block independent from the VOTable content
+\item No dependency with the VOTable schema
+\item Easiness to join data taken out from different tables
+\item Easy to skip for client not model aware
+\item VO-DML workflow --
+\item Mapping syntax very chatty
+\item Coupling bewteen the mapping leaves and the VOTable data structure. For instance, the mapping has to change when a value is moved from a PARAM to a FIELD  
+The present section explores an simplified mapping syntax relying on the strengths of the VO-DML workflow while facilitating the job of both data providers and data consumers.
+This is not a complete proposal, but a proof of concept validated on TD data.
+The VODML block is split in 3 sections as 
+   MODELS & list of the used model  \\
+   GLOBALS & not implemented here \\   
+   TEMPLATES & \makecell[l]{One template per table  \\hosting the mapping of the  \\ data classes contained in that table} \\
@@ -9,6 +46,16 @@
+for ac in mapping_generator.mapped_abstract_types :
+        print("Abstract type mapped " + ac)
+        for sc in mapping_generator.get_sub_types(ac):
+            print("   " + sc)
  Showing that a model mapping well designed can allow cient to read and interpret VOTable 
@@ -41,10 +88,11 @@
 \item Running the parser
  Install Astropy and run sdss.py
  1) The code of the parser does not depend on the VOTABLE data
  2) The time series instance is built from data take out from all the 4 <TABLE>
- ---------------------------------------------
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