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Starting my section


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 \subsection{Laurent's approach}
-Laurent's serialization approach at a glance
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+Laurent's serialization approach at a glance
+    <head>
+        <title>Hello</title>
+    </head>
+    <body>Hello</body>
+ \subsubsection{Goal}:
+ Showing that a model mapping well designed can allow cient to read and interpret VOTable 
+ without consideration for the way data are arranged.
+ \subsubsection{Syntax}:
+ The Mapping syntax is derived from the VODML mapping proposal. 
+ It keeps the same structure <VODML>/<GLOBALS>/<TEMPLATES>, but the tag syntax has been simplified.
+ Only the elements useful for the parsing are kept. All other things can be retrieved in the model.
+\item Model design
+The model has been designed with Modelio 3.5 (see the models directory). 
+ A model overview is given by timeseries.diag.png
+\item VODML generation
+ The vodml.xml file has been generated by the Tesselation workflow (see on Volute)
+\item Mapping template
+A template of the mapping block has been generated by the genAnnotation.py script.
+ The purpose of the template is to provide elements which must adapted to be reported 
+ by hand in the actual data file.
+ Some basics of that mapping can be found on Volute in Tesselation/vo-dml/mappinglite
+\item VOTable annotation
+ This is the most tricky part. Mapping elements must be reported into the appropriate templates, 
+ @SOURCE pointers must be set and cross-references must be solved.
+ There no other way to check the job than running the parser. 
+ Unfortunately, understanding errors requires to go deep into the code.
+\item Running the parser
+ Install Astropy and run sdss.py
+ 1) The code of the parser does not depend on the VOTABLE data
+ 2) The time series instance is built from data take out from all the 4 <TABLE>
+ ---------------------------------------------
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