[Volute] r4030 - trunk/projects/dm/provenance/description

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Tue May 9 11:56:27 CEST 2017

Author: kriebe
Date: Tue May  9 11:56:27 2017
New Revision: 4030

Another minor fix for agent section, update appendix (Changes from ...) accordingly


Modified: trunk/projects/dm/provenance/description/ProvenanceDM.pdf
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Modified: trunk/projects/dm/provenance/description/ProvenanceDM.tex
--- trunk/projects/dm/provenance/description/ProvenanceDM.tex	Tue May  9 11:52:40 2017	(r4029)
+++ trunk/projects/dm/provenance/description/ProvenanceDM.tex	Tue May  9 11:56:27 2017	(r4030)
@@ -165,7 +165,7 @@
 % Use itemize environments.
 \subsection{Changes from WD-ProvenanceDM-1.0-20161121}
-\item Use voprov:type and vorpov:role in table with example agent roles, \ref{tab:agent-roles}, i.e. replace prov:person by voprov:Individual.
+\item Use voprov:type and voprov:role in table with example agent roles, \ref{tab:agent-roles}, i.e. replaced prov:person by Individual and prov:organization by Organization.
 \item Removed the obscore/dataset attributes from EntityDescription, since they are specific for observations only and are not applicable to configuration entities etc.
 \item Renamed \emph{label} attribute to \emph{name} everywhere, for more consistency with SimDM naming scheme (\emph{label} is reserved there for SKOS labels).
 \item Extended the entity role examples in table \ref{tab:entity-roles}.

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