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Mon Feb 27 16:25:56 CET 2017

Author: msdemlei
Date: Mon Feb 27 16:25:56 2017
New Revision: 3875

Adding an alt_identifier table

Also, moving columnstotex to new DaCHS (VOTable 1.3 output).


Modified: trunk/projects/registry/regtap/RegTAP.tex
--- trunk/projects/registry/regtap/RegTAP.tex	Fri Feb 24 18:30:10 2017	(r3874)
+++ trunk/projects/registry/regtap/RegTAP.tex	Mon Feb 27 16:25:56 2017	(r3875)
@@ -686,68 +686,6 @@
 % GENERATED: gettables.sh
-\hbox to\hsize{\hss
-\textbf{Name and UType}&\textbf{Description}\\
-\makebox[0pt][l]{\scriptsize\ttfamily xpath:/capability/}&
- Pieces of behaviour of a resource.\\
-\makebox[0pt][l]{\scriptsize\ttfamily xpath:/capability/interface/}&
- Information on access modes of a capability.\\
-\makebox[0pt][l]{\scriptsize\ttfamily xpath:/capability/interface/param/}&
- Input parameters for services.\\
-\makebox[0pt][l]{\scriptsize\ttfamily xpath:/content/relationship/}&
- Relationships between resources, e.g., mirroring, derivation, but
-also providing access to data within a resource.\\
-\makebox[0pt][l]{\scriptsize\ttfamily xpath:/curation/}&
- A date associated with an event in the life cycle of the resource.
-This could be creation or update. The role column can be used to
-\makebox[0pt][l]{\scriptsize\ttfamily }&
- XPath-value pairs for members of resource or capability and their
-derivations that are less used and/or from VOResource extensions. The
-pairs refer to a resource if cap\_index is NULL, to the referenced
-capability otherwise.\\
-\makebox[0pt][l]{\scriptsize\ttfamily }&
- Entities, i.e., persons or organizations, operating on resources:
-creators, contacts, publishers, contributors.\\
-\makebox[0pt][l]{\scriptsize\ttfamily xpath:/tableset/schema/}&
- Sets of tables related to resources.\\
-\makebox[0pt][l]{\scriptsize\ttfamily xpath:/content/}&
- Topics, object types, or other descriptive keywords about the
-\makebox[0pt][l]{\scriptsize\ttfamily xpath:/(tableset/schema/|)table/}&
- (Relational) tables that are part of schemata or resources.\\
-\makebox[0pt][l]{\scriptsize\ttfamily xpath:/}&
- The resources, i.e., services, data collections, organizations, etc.,
-present in this registry.\\
-\makebox[0pt][l]{\scriptsize\ttfamily xpath:/(tableset/schema/|)/table/column/}&
- Metadata on columns of a resource's tables.\\
-\makebox[0pt][l]{\scriptsize\ttfamily xpath:/(capability|)}&
-Validation levels for resources and capabilities.\\
-\caption{The tables making up the TAP data model \texttt{Registry 1.0}}
  % HTML section start
@@ -2026,14 +1964,51 @@
 \rtent{detail\_value} if the values are to be compared
 case-insensitively (e.g., all IVORNs).
+\subsection{The alt\_identifier Table}
-% HTML section ends
+Since its version 1.1, VOResource allows the annotation of various
+elements (initially, the record itself and creators) with alternate
+identifiers (the \vorent{altIdentifier} element).  Examples of these are
+DOIs, ORCIDs, and bibcodes.
+Considering that that the typical query against the alternate
+identifiers can be expected to be of the type ``records having to do
+with \emph{identifier}'' and since the different identifier types cannot
+not clash since they are stored in URI form,  RegTAP does not keep track
+where an alternate identifier was encountered.  Instead, the
+\rtent{alt\_identifier} table just links IVOIDs and alternate
-% subsection table\_res\_detail
-% HTML section ends
-% section vortables
-% HTML section start
+% GENERATED: maketable.sh rr.alt_identifier
+\multicolumn{3}{l}{\textit{Column names, utypes, ADQL types, and descriptions for the \rtent{rr.alt\_identifier} table}}\\
+\makebox[0pt][l]{\scriptsize\ttfamily xpath:/identifier}&
+\footnotesize VARCHAR(*)&
+The parent resource.\\
+\makebox[0pt][l]{\scriptsize\ttfamily }&
+\footnotesize VARCHAR(*)&
+An identifier for the record or a creator in URI form\\
+The \rtent{ivoid} column should be an explicit foreign key into
+\rtent{resource}.  It is recommended to maintain an index on
+the \rtent{alt\_identifier} column.
 \section{ADQL User Defined Functions}
@@ -2891,6 +2866,12 @@
+\subsection{Changes from REC-1.0}
+\item Added the \rtent{alt\_identifier} table.
 \subsection{Changes from PR-2014-10-30}

Modified: trunk/projects/registry/regtap/columnstotex.xslt
--- trunk/projects/registry/regtap/columnstotex.xslt	Fri Feb 24 18:30:10 2017	(r3874)
+++ trunk/projects/registry/regtap/columnstotex.xslt	Mon Feb 27 16:25:56 2017	(r3875)
@@ -1,6 +1,6 @@
 <?xml version="1.0"?>
 <stylesheet version="1.0"
-	xmlns:v="http://www.ivoa.net/xml/VOTable/v1.2"
+	xmlns:v="http://www.ivoa.net/xml/VOTable/v1.3"
 <output method="text"/>

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