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Tue Apr 25 14:25:05 CEST 2017

Author: msdemlei
Date: Tue Apr 25 14:25:05 2017
New Revision: 3971

VOResource 1.1: updated testQueryString to be 0..1 (rather than ..n)

Also, now citing DataCite 4.0


Modified: trunk/projects/registry/VOResource/VOResource-v1.1.xsd
--- trunk/projects/registry/VOResource/VOResource-v1.1.xsd	Tue Apr 25 14:24:08 2017	(r3970)
+++ trunk/projects/registry/VOResource/VOResource-v1.1.xsd	Tue Apr 25 14:25:05 2017	(r3971)
@@ -1096,7 +1096,7 @@
          <xs:element name="testQueryString" type="xs:token"
-                     minOccurs="0" maxOccurs="unbounded">
+                     minOccurs="0" maxOccurs="1">
                   Test data for exercising the service.

Modified: trunk/projects/registry/VOResource/VOResource.tex
--- trunk/projects/registry/VOResource/VOResource.tex	Tue Apr 25 14:24:08 2017	(r3970)
+++ trunk/projects/registry/VOResource/VOResource.tex	Tue Apr 25 14:25:05 2017	(r3971)
@@ -138,7 +138,7 @@
 In addition to concepts and structures laid down in the RM, VOResource
 also acknowledges other (though mostly related) metadata schemes.  Of
 particular importance here is the metadata scheme employed by DataCite,
-which at the time of writing is at version 3.1 \citep{std:DataCite31}.
+which at the time of writing is at version 4.0 \citep{std:DataCite40}.
 This, in particular, concerns the alignment of vocabularies.
 This document provides a concrete encoding of the resulting metadata
@@ -269,6 +269,19 @@
 to the XML Schema document that defines the VOResource schema.
 Applications may assume that the namespace URI is so resolvable.
+Although this schema is in version 1.1 now, the URL still ends in
+\texttt{v1.0}.  This is to avoid unnecessarily breaking existing clients
+relying on the namespace as defined by version 1.0 of this
+specification.  As laid out in the IVOA schema versioning policies
+\citep{note:schemaevolution}, although minor versions should never have
+been part of namespace URIs, for namespaces defined before this note
+they cannot be dropped despite their potential for confusion.
+Clients should in general not care about minor versions of schemas.  In
+the rare cases that such information is necessary, instance documents
+for version 1.1 of VOResource must have a \xmlel{version} attribute
+with value \texttt{1.1} on their root element (i.e., \xmlel{Resource}).
 Document authors are strongly encouraged to bind this namespace to the
 \xmlel{vr:} prefix.  While in generic XML processing, the concrete
 prefix used is irrelevant as long as the namespace URI mapped is the one
@@ -751,10 +764,10 @@
 While this pattern can still be employed, most VO standards that
 actually have different versions distinguish their endpoints by
 different standard identifiers, as described in section 4.2 of IVOA
-Identifiers 2.0 \citep{std:identifiers2}.  In these cases -- where the
+Identifiers 2.0 \citep{2016ivoa.spec.0523D}.  In these cases -- where the
 \xmlel{capability}'s \xmlel{standardID} attribute already uniquely
 determines the protocol spoken --, the specification of \xmlel{version}
-on \xmlel{interface} elements is optional, though encouraged.
+on \xmlel{interface} elements is optional (although encouraged).
 \subsection{Extending the VOResource Schema}
@@ -1531,8 +1544,9 @@
 \url{http://www.ivoa.net/rdf/voresource/date_role} from
 which the \xmlel{role} terms should be taken if at all possible.  At the
 time or writing, the vocabulary consists of three old-style VOResource
-1.0 terms and terms from the DataCite Metadata 3.1 (see the RDF URL for
-the definitions of the terms):
+1.0 terms and terms from the DataCite Metadata 4.0 \citep{std:DataCite40}; 
+see the RDF URL for
+the definitions of the terms:
 % GENERATED: sed -e 's/\([^;]*\);.*/\\textsl{\1}/' terms/date_role.terms | sort -i
@@ -1754,8 +1768,8 @@
 \item[Occurrence] required; multiple occurrences allowed.
-               Terms for Subject should be drawn from the IAU Astronomy 
-               Thesaurus (http://msowww.anu.edu.au/library/thesaurus/).
+               Terms for Subject should be drawn from the Unified
+               Astronomy Thesaurus (http://astrothesaurus.org).
@@ -2649,7 +2663,7 @@
               maxOccurs="unbounded" />
     <xs:element name="testQueryString" type="xs:token" minOccurs="0"
-              maxOccurs="unbounded" />
+              maxOccurs="1" />
   <xs:attribute name="version" type="xs:string" />
   <xs:attribute name="role" type="xs:NMTOKEN" />
@@ -2761,7 +2775,7 @@
                   Test data for exercising the service.
-\item[Occurrence] optional; multiple occurrences allowed.
+\item[Occurrence] optional
                   This contains data that can be passed to the interface to
                   retrieve a non-empty result.  This can be used by validators
@@ -2838,8 +2852,8 @@
 \item[Type] string: \xmlel{xs:token}
                   A terse, human-readable phrase indicating the function
-                  or location of this mirror, e.g., {"}Primary Backup{"} or
-                  {"}European Mirror{"}.
+                  or location of this mirror, e.g., “Primary Backup” or
+                  “European Mirror”.
 \item[Occurrence] optional
@@ -3039,6 +3053,14 @@
 \section{Change History}
+\subsection{Changes from WD-20170123}
+\item Explanation for mismatch between namespace URI and actual version.
+\item \xmlel{testQueryString} has erroneously had multiplicity 0\dots n.
+It is now defined as 0\dots 1.
 \subsection{Changes from WD-20161010}
@@ -3060,7 +3082,6 @@
 \item References to the RM terms in the metadata definition dropped
 (could add support in ivoatex/schemadoc if we want them back).
 \item Adding altIdentifier elements to creator and resource.
 \item Adding a version attribute to vr:Resource for compliance with XML
@@ -3085,7 +3106,7 @@
 The vocabulary is now managed as an external resource.
 Consequently, the vr:ContentLevel type vanishes from the XSD.
-\item New testQueryString child of interface.
+\item New testQueryString and mirrorURL children of interface.
 \item Now discouraging fixing standardID in VOResource extensions.
 Also, removed indication that capability/@xsi:type should be used for

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