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Date: Fri Apr 14 18:55:51 2017
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removed duplicate status section


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 implementations and libraries to be written and widely adopted.
-\section*{Status of This Document}
-This document has been produced by the Data Access Layer Working Group.
-It has been reviewed by IVOA Members and other interested parties, and has been 
-endorsed by the IVOA Executive Committee as an IVOA Recommendation. It is a 
-stable document and may be used as reference material or cited as a normative 
-reference from another document. IVOA's role in making the Recommendation is to 
-draw attention to the specification and to promote its widespread deployment. 
-This enhances the functionality and interoperability inside the Astronomical 
-A list of current IVOA Recommendations and other technical documents can be 
-found at http://www.ivoa.net/Documents/.
 The Data Access Layer Interface (DALI) defines resources, parameters, and 
 responses common to all DAL services so that concrete DAL service specifications 

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