[Volute] r3945 - trunk/projects/dal/DALI

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Thu Apr 13 08:16:02 CEST 2017

Author: pdowler.cadc
Date: Thu Apr 13 08:16:02 2017
New Revision: 3945

changed recomendation to include extra INFO elements (eg with standardID of service) from ay to should, changed the example to use a current standardID from SIA-2.0 and removed the standardVersion name since version is embedded in standardID values now


Modified: trunk/projects/dal/DALI/DALI.tex
--- trunk/projects/dal/DALI/DALI.tex	Thu Apr 13 08:11:36 2017	(r3944)
+++ trunk/projects/dal/DALI/DALI.tex	Thu Apr 13 08:16:02 2017	(r3945)
@@ -1234,7 +1234,7 @@
 on it.
 \subsubsection{Additional Information}
-Additional \xmlel{INFO} elements may be provided, e.g., to echo the input parameters 
+Additional \xmlel{INFO} elements should be provided, e.g., to echo the input parameters 
 back to the client in the query response (a useful feature for debugging or to 
 self-document the query response), but clients should not depend on these. For 
@@ -1242,7 +1242,7 @@
 <RESOURCE type="results">
-<INFO name="standardID" value="ivo://ivoa.net/"/>
+<INFO name="standardID" value="ivo://ivoa.net/std/SIA#sync-2.0"/>

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