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Author: lmichel
Date: Wed Apr 12 13:48:23 2017
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Add instructions in README


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-This folder contains a prototype af an Healpix extension for spatial coordinates.
+Based on a prototype af an Healpix extension for spatial coordinates.
+This is not a model proposal but a testbench for the VODML workflow.
+                                                                               Laurent Michel 04/2017
-Running Jovial:
+The goal of this project is to annotate a simple VOTable with a very basic source model by using the tools available in April 2017.
+It can be used as a toy example for VO-DML mapping beginners.
-java -jar target/jovial-1.0-SNAPSHOT-jar-with-dependencies.jar  -i /home/michel/workspace/vo-dml/models/tesselation/coordsys_tessel.groovy 
+This model, namely lmsource, has one class with the following attributes:
+- name
+- Positional Error
+- Healpix index
+- Parallax 
+lmsource imports the STC2 space coordinate pattern extended to support Healpix.
+- lmsource       : source data model
+- coordsys_tessel: extension of the STC2 coordsys Spatial Domain Package with a new axis class for the tesselation
+- coords_tessel  : extension of the STC2 coords Spatial Domain Package adding a Tile to the position
+Each model comes with a complete documentation:
+- model.xmi             : XMI file file generated by Modelio. XMI files have been patched by to support 
+                          XSLT sheets (UML name space set as http://schema.omg.org/spec/UML/20100901)
+- model.vodml.xml       : VODML serialization of the model, generated by an XSL transformation
+- model.html/gvd/map/png: Hypertext documentation of the model, generated by an XSL transformation
+- model_diagram.png     : Class diagram focused on the package of interest, generated by Modelio
+All models have been designed with Modelio 3.5 on Ubuntu 14.4.
+Both *_tessel have been built from 
+    https://volute.g-vo.org/svn/trunk/projects/dm/STC-2.0/model/coords/STC_coords_V2.0.zip
+And https://volute.g-vo.org/svn/trunk/projects/dm/STC-2.0/model/coordsys/STC_coordsys_V2.0.zip
+These models have been renamed and then extended with the new classes.
+lmsource model has been created from scratch by following the instructions of VO-DMLModelingBeginnersGuide.pdf.
+The importation of both *_tessel models have been done by following the instructions of VODMLImportonModelio.pdf.
+XMIs files have been generated by Modelio with the UML2.4 template
+All XSL transformations have been run by the scripts located in ./scripts. 
+These scripts use the XSLT files written by Gerard Lemson and Omar Laurino.
+They can be applied to different models without editing any property file. 
+Scripts are setup for my own installation, they must be updated to be used in another context. 
+XSLT sheets are not dupliacted in this project.
+The lmsource.votable.xml contains the raw VOTable: no mention of VO-DML
+The lmsource.votable.annot.xml contains the VOTable annotated with the lmsource model.
+The annotation process has been done with the Omar's Jovial tool plus a few handcraft actions.
+The lmsource.groovy file contains DSL instructions used by Jovial to generate the annotations.
+The lmsource.groovy.output.xml file contains the Jovial output. 
+By default, Jovial uses stdout as output stream, this output has been Copied/Pasted in that file.
+The <VODML> element of lmsource.groovy.output.xml has been Copied/Pasted below the <VOTABLE> element in lmsource.votable.annot.xml.
+The LITERALs defining the Healpix schema have been replaced by hand by <CONSTANT> elements which refer to existing <PARAM>s
+This patch is due to the fact the Jovial does not implement the reference to PARAMs yet. 
+Jovial is hosted by Github: https://github.com/olaurino/jovial
+To run it in our context do as follow:
+1) git clone https://github.com/olaurino/jovial.git
+2) cd jovial
+3) mvn package # if the test step fails, adds the -DskipTests flag
+4) java -jar target/jovial-1.0-SNAPSHOT-jar-with-dependencies.jar  -i /yourpath/lmsource.groovy 
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