[Volute] r3586 - trunk/projects/registry/VOResource/terms

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Wed Oct 26 18:06:10 CEST 2016

Author: msdemlei
Date: Thu Sep 29 09:16:08 2016
New Revision: 3586

VOResource 1.1 relation_type: Attempting a clarification of IsIdenticalTo.


Modified: trunk/projects/registry/VOResource/terms/relationship_type.terms
--- trunk/projects/registry/VOResource/terms/relationship_type.terms	Thu Sep 29 09:10:04 2016	(r3585)
+++ trunk/projects/registry/VOResource/terms/relationship_type.terms	Thu Sep 29 09:16:08 2016	(r3586)
@@ -14,6 +14,6 @@
 HasPart;1;has part;This is resource is a collection of other resources, and this relationship points to the individual parts (inverse of IsPartOf)
 IsSourceOf;1;is source of;This is resource has been used to produce the referenced resource (inverse of derived-from)
 IsDerivedFrom;1;is derived from;This resource was produced using data from the referenced resource (inverse of IsSourceOf)
-IsIdenticalTo;1;is a mirror of;This resource is a mirror (reasonably faithful reproduction) of the referenced resource
+IsIdenticalTo;1;is a identical to;This resource is identical to the referenced resource, for use when there is a need to register two separate instances of the same resource.  In a VO context, this will typcially indicate mirrors operated by different publishers (mirrors with identical publishers use interface/mirrorURL elements).
 IsServiceFor;1;is a service for;This resource makes data from the referenced resource (typcally some sort for data collection) available (inverse of IsServedBy)
 IsServedBy;1;is served by;This resource can be accessed or otherwise used through the referenced service (inverse of IsServiceFor)

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