[Volute] r3592 - trunk/projects/dal/DALI

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Wed Oct 26 18:06:09 CEST 2016

Author: pdowler.cadc
Date: Mon Oct  3 21:11:14 2016
New Revision: 3592

added reference to STC for polygon winding


Modified: trunk/projects/dal/DALI/DALI.tex
--- trunk/projects/dal/DALI/DALI.tex	Sat Oct  1 03:16:21 2016	(r3591)
+++ trunk/projects/dal/DALI/DALI.tex	Mon Oct  3 21:11:14 2016	(r3592)
@@ -815,7 +815,7 @@
 In spherical coordinates, all longitude values must fall within [0,360] and all 
 latitude values within [-90,90]. Vertices must be ordered such that the polygon 
 winding direction is counter-clockwise (when viewed from the origin toward the 
+sky) as described in \citep{std:STC}.
 Region values are polymorphic and incldue a shape keyword and coordinate 

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