[Volute] r3632 - trunk/projects/registry/VOResource/terms

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Tue Oct 18 11:42:32 CEST 2016

Author: msdemlei
Date: Tue Oct 18 11:42:31 2016
New Revision: 3632

VOResource terms: make target for local installation, README fixes.


Modified: trunk/projects/registry/VOResource/terms/Makefile
--- trunk/projects/registry/VOResource/terms/Makefile	Tue Oct 18 00:57:46 2016	(r3631)
+++ trunk/projects/registry/VOResource/terms/Makefile	Tue Oct 18 11:42:31 2016	(r3632)
@@ -9,6 +9,9 @@
 BUILT_DIRS=content_level content_type date_role relationship_type
+	python convert.py vocabs.conf
 	python convert.py --install-root $(TEST_URL_ROOT) vocabs.conf
 	rsync -av $(BUILT_DIRS) $(TEST_DEST)

Modified: trunk/projects/registry/VOResource/terms/README
--- trunk/projects/registry/VOResource/terms/README	Tue Oct 18 00:57:46 2016	(r3631)
+++ trunk/projects/registry/VOResource/terms/README	Tue Oct 18 11:42:31 2016	(r3632)
@@ -8,11 +8,17 @@
 To build the vocabularies, at this point say:
-	python convert.py vocabs.conf
+	make
-To test them before deploying them, you need to set the root URL to 
-where you run an apache, e.g.,
-	python convert.py --install-root=http://localhost/voctest vocabs.conf
+This will bulid the vocabulary files in subdirectories of the current
-You then need to copy the directories generated to the referenced location.
+To test them before deploying them, you need to set TEST_DEST (something
+you can rsync to) and TEST_ROOT_URL (the root URL of where TEST_DEST installs
+to) in the Makefile,
+	TEST_DEST=/var/www/html/vocab-test
+	TEST_URL_ROOT=http://localhost/vocab-test
+Then, make test-install should to the trick, provided you have the necessary

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