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More text on RAVE use case, including links to Prov-Store, javascript example and webapp


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 \subsection{Provenance of RAVE database tables (DR4)}
+The RAVE survey (Radial Velocity Experiment) recorded spectra for about half a 
+million stars. These spectra are processed in a number of steps until the 
+derived properties are published in the RAVE data releases at http://www.rave-survey.org.
+Providing provenance information for the data, from which spectrum and fibre the
+data was coming from and which steps were involved in processing the data, can help scientists
+to understand the data and their restrictions and judge their quality.
+It would also be useful to be able to compare if, how and why the derived data 
+for some stars have changed between different releases.
+Provenance information for the major steps of RAVE DR4 was recorded in W3C-compatible 
+PROV-N notation and uploaded to the provenance store at 
+https://provenance.ecs.soton.ac.uk/store/documents/84064/. This allows to view 
+graphs of the workflow by visualising only the main entities, activities and agents 
+with their relations. It shows that the provenance concepts explained in this draft 
+can be applied directly to data obtained from astronomical observations.
+We also tested a Django implementation of the classes in this document along with provenance data 
+stored in an SQLite database. This allows to quickly setup a provenance web service
+which gives the possibility to view all instances of a class or details for a single object, 
+extract provenance information for single entities (backwards in time) and 
+visualise the provenance information using for example d3.js (see https://escience.aip.de/prov/graphs/example.html for an example).
+A preliminary version of the Django webapp is available at https://github.com/kristinriebe/provenance-website.
-This example shows how the workflow of RAVE data, from images to the final database tables, can be expressed using Provenance. 
-The workflow is not included completely, only some major steps are taken into account. It shows that the provenance concepts explained in this draft can be applied directly to data obtained from astronomical observations.
-\TODO{Include here figure from InterOp talk. See also https://provenance.ecs.soton.ac.uk/store/documents/84064/}
 \subsection{Provenance for CTA}

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