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 \subsection{POLLUX database}
+POLLUX is a stellar spectra database proposing access to high resolution synthetic spectra computed using the best available models of atmosphere (CMFGEN, ATLAS and MARCS), performant spectral synthesis codes (CMF\_FLUX,SYNSPEC and TURBOSPECTRUM) and atomic linelists from VALD database and specific molecular linelists for cool stars. 
\ No newline at end of file
+Currently the provenance information is given to the astronomer in the header of the spectra files (depending on the format : FITS, ascii, xml, votables, …) but in a non normalized description format. 
+The implementation of the provenance concepts in a standardized format allows users one one hand to benefit from tools to create, visualize and transform in another format the description of the provenance of these spectra and on a second hand to select data depending on provenance criteria.
+\TODO{Include here a figure}

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