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 \subsection{HIPS use case}
+HiPS is a New all sky organisation of pixel data. It is based on HealPix tesselation of the sky on equal area cells (pixels) for a given HealPix order  gathered in tiles. Adaptative resolution is achieved by a hierarchy of tiles at increasing order. Sorting and organization is based on a tree of including directories each of those associated with a tile. HiPS specification has entered the IVOA recommendation process and is becoming an interoperability standard.
+In the processing chain, HiPS ca be seen as a kind of "legacy level" for observational data.
+An HiPS dataset can be generated either by Aladin in "hipsgen" mode or by other softwares.  The processing distinguishes 3 main different methods for estimating cell values: FIRST or NEAREST neighbourg, Mean or Median of the neigbouring pixels. Up to 50 parameters can help to tune the processing, among which can be found the higher resolution HealpIX order, sky background value to be substracted, border width or mask to apply to original images to avoid including bad area in the computing, etc...
+We give below an example of provenance metadata for an HiPS collection generated from a collection of SERC Schmidt plates scanned by CAI (Observatoire de Paris) with the MAMA facility and serialized   in PROV-N format.
 \subsection{Lightcurves use case}

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