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-\TODO{Add details from the discussion in Paris, 14th April 2016. François and 
-Mireille had some suggestions for possible ProvDAL and ProvTAP specifications.
+\subsection{provenance DataModel serialization}
+There are three possible families of ProvDM metadata serialization
+ \item W3C serializations : Prov-N, PROV\-Json, PROV\-XML. These formats allow the possibility to add additional IVOA or ad hoc attributes to the basic ones in each class.
+ \item Mapping of ProvDM classes onto tables with appropriate relationships. This can allow managment by a TAP service (the model mapping is then described with the TAP schema). The serialization will be a single table according to the query.
+ \TODO{TAP SCHEMA of the ProvDM datamodel: Maybe Matthieu can provide us with a copy of the TAP schema he designed ?}
+  \item Direct VOTABLE mapping by using   some ad hoc mapping based on transcription of PROV-N format : this is called PROV-VOTABLE. Moreover in the future we could also define a VO-DML mapping (ref) version of the mapping.
+The following is an example of provenance metadata in this PROV-VOTABle format. Objects become Tables the class of which is rendred by a utype. Attributes and relationships become FIELDS or PARAMS. The model attribute names also become VOTABLE utypes.  
+<TABLE name="cta:telescope_stage_520" utype="prov:activity" >
+     <PARAM name="start" utype="prov:startTime" datatype="char" arraysize="*" xtype="ISO8601" value="2015-07-30T09:45:00" >
+     <PARAM name ="stop" utype="prov:endTime"  datatype="char" arraysize="*" xtype="ISO8601" value = "2015-07-30T10:00:00" >
+     <PARAM name="methodname" utype="voprov:method_name" dataype="char" arraysize="*" value="Telescope_stage" >
+     <PARAM name="version" utype="voprov:method_version" datatype="char" arraysize="*" value="1.0" >    
+     <PARAM utype="voprov:used" datatype="char" arraysize="*" value="cta:run13000_EVT0" >
+     <PARAM utype="voprov:used" datatype="char" arraysize="*" value="cta:Stage1Config_5250" >    
+<TABLE name="cta:Stage1Config_5250", utype="prov:entity" >
+    <PARAM name="type" utype="prov:type" datatype="char" arraysize="*" value="file" >   
+<TABLE name="cta:run1000_EVT1", utype="prov:entity" >
+      <PARAM name="label" utype="prov:label"datatype="char" arraysize="*" value="EVT1 file" >
+      <PARAM name="type" utype="prov:type" datatype="char" arraysize="*" value="file" >
+      <PARAM name="run" utype="cta:runNumber" datatype="int"  value="13000" >
+      <PARAM name="tel" utype="cta:telescope" datatype="char" arraysize="*" value="MST21" >
+      <PARAM utype="wasGeneratedBy"  datatype="char" arraysize="*" value="cta:Stage1Config_5250">
+\subsection{access protocols}
-\item ProvDAL: retrieve provenance information based on given id of a dataEntity of activity
+\item ProvDAL: retrieve provenance information based on given id of a dataEntity or activity
+ProvDAL is a service the interface of which is organized around one main PARAMETER, the "ID" of the entity (obs\_publisher\_did of an ObSDataSet for example) The response is given in one of the following formats: PROV-N, PROV-JSON, PROV-XML, PROV-VOTABLE. Additional parameters can complete ID to refine the query. FORMAT allows to choose the output format. STEP allows to discriminate between STEP=LAST which gives the last step in the provenace chain and STEP = ALL which gives the whole chain.
+Multiple ID PARAMETER is allowed in order to retrieve several data set provenance details at the same time.
 \item ProvTAP: allows detailed queries for provenance information, discovery of datasets based on 
 e.g. code version.
+ProvTAP is a TAP service implementing the ProvDM datamodel. The PROVDM  mapping is included in the TAP schema (see above). The result of any query is a single table joigning information coming from one or several "provenace" tables available in the database. 
+A special case is considered where ProvDM and OBscore are both implemented in the same TAP service and queried together. The TAP response is then providing an Obscore Table with a ProvDM extension. We can imagine that in the future this could be hard-coded and registered as an ObsTAPRov service. 
 \item Do we need combined query possibilities, i.e. ask for ObsCore-fields and Provenance fields
 in one query? Or rather use a 2-step-process, decoupling them from each other?
 \TODO{Also look at PROV-AQ from the W3C.}

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