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Fri Oct 14 00:25:55 CEST 2016

Author: kriebe
Date: Fri Oct 14 00:25:55 2016
New Revision: 3625

Added new class diagram with description classes (no attributed yet); adjusted ProvOctobre2016.zip

   trunk/projects/dm/provenance/datamodel-diagrams/classes-descriptions-nobg.pdf   (contents, props changed)
   trunk/projects/dm/provenance/datamodel-diagrams/classes-descriptions-nobg.png   (contents, props changed)

Modified: trunk/projects/dm/provenance/datamodel-diagrams/ProvenanceDMModelioZIPArchive/ProvOctobre2016.zip
Binary file (source and/or target). No diff available.

Added: trunk/projects/dm/provenance/datamodel-diagrams/classes-descriptions-nobg.pdf
Binary file. No diff available.

Added: trunk/projects/dm/provenance/datamodel-diagrams/classes-descriptions-nobg.png
Binary file. No diff available.

Modified: trunk/projects/dm/provenance/datamodel-diagrams/readme-Modelio.txt
--- trunk/projects/dm/provenance/datamodel-diagrams/readme-Modelio.txt	Thu Oct 13 17:50:02 2016	(r3624)
+++ trunk/projects/dm/provenance/datamodel-diagrams/readme-Modelio.txt	Fri Oct 14 00:25:55 2016	(r3625)
@@ -16,7 +16,14 @@
 Export graphics:
 * each diagram has in the diagram window an icon for saving the diagram as an image (png, jpg)
-* for a vector file, choose the "print" icon instead and print to pdf or svg
+* for a vector file, choose the "print" icon instead and print to pdf or svg;
+	I did not find a way to ignore the background; but it can be removed in a post-processing step:
+	- print to svg-file
+	- open svg-file with inkscape
+	- click the figure, right-click on the figure and choose "Ungroup"
+	- click somewhere outside the figure to unselect, then click on the background
+	  to select only the background and delete it (delete-button)
+	- no save a copy as pdf/eps or export (high resolution) bitmap
 Export project for exchange with other users:
@@ -32,4 +39,11 @@
+Drawing new class diagrams:
+* Create a new class diagram
+* Add elements (classes) to it by using drag-and-drop from the tree-view
+* The links are also pre-defined already for each class! So for connecting the elements, 
+	select the main class from which the relation originates in the tree-view,
+	pick the desired relation and drag-and-drop it to the diagram. The relation should
+	automatically connect the correct classes with the already predefined multiplicity.

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