[Dachs-users] Using an existing database table

Yannick Roehlly yannick.roehlly at lam.fr
Mon Nov 30 19:33:32 CET 2015

Le samedi 28 novembre 2015, 08:44:17 Markus Demleitner a écrit :
> When things do not involve products, it's less of a problem; there's
> http://docs.g-vo.org/DaCHS/tutorial.html#publishing-existing-tables-via-tap
> to get you started.  Does that help?

Hi Markus,

In fact no.  Or at least not completely.  If I understand correctly, using 
this method the data must obey to the same organisation on the database as if 
it was ingested by DaCHS.  In my laboratory, we have one database per project 
and each project table is in the same schema.

I'm trying to see if I can adapt the configuration used in views to achieve 
what I'd like to do.



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